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A generic model that can be extended to model any communication network no matter the protocol it uses.

Development with Eclipse

This small guide assumes you have installed Eclipse 2019-06 (modelling version!), a Java 12 JDK and a git command line client.

Setting up the Project in Eclipse

  • Navigate to you Eclipse workspace directory, clone the NetCal/NetworkModel repository to it and pull the code.

  • In Eclipse, navigate to File > New > Java Project, use the name NetworkModel and click Finish (you do not need to create a module-info in the next dialog). This creates a DNC project in your workbench.

  • Right-click on NetworkModel and select Configure > Convert to Maven Project. Your workspace will be rebuilt accordingly.

  • In CLI run command 'mvn compile' to generate the model code

  • Please do not make changes in model code but on the UML model itself

  • To edit the model open 'model' directory, open the tree network.aird file and in desgin open the 'network' class diagram

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