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The Stochastic Network Calculator is a Java tool for the stochastic worst case performance analysis of networks. It was derived from the DiscoSNC. More detailed descriptions can be found on the project's previous webpage at DISCO and in the technical report on ArXiv.

Note that this software is still under development. We appreciate any contribution, feel free to fork the project, post bugs and of course post pull requests, too.

Getting Started with Development

We provide the SNC as a Maven project. All dependencies (JUNG Java Graph Framework and Apache Commons Math Library) and their transitive dependencies are resolved by Maven, i.e., they are pulled from the Maven Central Repository.

The SNC can be built with a Java 10 JDK. It was tested with Oracle's Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM.

Running the SNC

The SNC comes with a graphical user interface. Therefore, Maven is configured to build executable jar files of the project:

  • SNC-${version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar that bundles all dependencies, and
  • SNC-${version}.jar that assumes dependencies are in a lib/ folder next to it.

The current ${version} can be found in Maven's configuration file.

In order to execute the jar-file, locate it in your output folder, open a command line window and enter

java -jar SNC-${version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar

(Don't forget to replace ${version} with the one you located in pom.xml).

Academic Attribution

If you use the Stochastic Network Calculator for research, please include at least one of the following reference in any resulting publication:

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The Stochastic Network Calculator




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