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title: Employee Details
<a id="back" href="javascript:history.back()">&#8592; Back</a>
{{ 'id' | importRequestParams }}
{{#if id}}
{{ "select * from Employee where Id = @id" | dbSingle({ id })
| assignTo: employee }}
{{#if employee}}
<table class="table table-bordered auto-width">
{{#tr {each:toList(employee)} }}
{{ `select TerritoryDescription, RegionDescription
from EmployeeTerritory et
inner join
Territory t on et.TerritoryId = t.Id
inner join
Region r on t.RegionId = r.Id
where et.EmployeeId = @id`
| dbSelect({ id })
| htmlDump({ className: "table table-striped auto-width", caption: "Employee Territories"}) }}
{{ `No Employee has id: ${id}` }}
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