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#include <jansson.h>
#include "pomelo-protocol/message.h"
#include "pomelo-protobuf/pb.h"
pc_buf_t pc__pb_encode(const json_t *msg, const json_t *pb_def) {
pc_buf_t buf, json_buf;
memset(&buf, 0, sizeof(pc_buf_t));
memset(&json_buf, 0, sizeof(pc_buf_t));
json_buf = pc__json_encode(msg);
if(json_buf.len == -1) {
fprintf(stderr, "Fail to encode json for protobuf evaluate.\n");
goto error;
size_t eval_size = json_buf.len * PC_PB_EVAL_FACTOR;
buf.base = malloc(eval_size);
if(buf.base == NULL) {
fprintf(stderr, "Fail to malloc for protobuf encode.\n");
buf.len = -1;
goto error;
size_t written = 0;
if(!pc_pb_encode((uint8_t *)buf.base, eval_size, &written,
(json_t *)pb_def, (json_t *)msg)) {
fprintf(stderr, "Fail to do protobuf encode.\n");
goto error;
buf.len = written;
return buf;
if(buf.len == -1) free(buf.base);
if(json_buf.len == -1) free(json_buf.base);
return buf;
json_t *pc__pb_decode(const char *data, size_t offset, size_t len,
const json_t *pb_def) {
json_t *result = json_object();
if(result == NULL) {
fprintf(stderr, "Fail to create json_t for protobuf decode.\n");
goto error;
if(!pc_pb_decode((uint8_t *)(data + offset), len, (json_t *)pb_def, result)) {
fprintf(stderr, "Fail to do protobuf decode.\n");
goto error;
return result;
if(result) json_decref(result);
return NULL;
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