libpomelo cannot be compiled with android NDK due to libuv build failure #169

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As title.

Seems android NDK doesn't support libuv. All the terms started with "pthread_" cannot be recognized by android NDK.

Any clue or hint? Thanks a lot.


In wiki, I find this issue #147

I get the from prepared by NewYuil, but I got the same error......

NewYuil, please add my QQ 1211674942 so that I could check with you, thanks !


I update my can check what I modify。It would work today。and now I'm try to js-bind .


Hi, NewYuil. Thanks.

But it still failed in win7 + Android NDK-r8d

I switch to complie it in MacOS + Android NDK-r8d. libuv could be built.

For libjansson, there is a very minor update. After this minor update, the build is successful.

Now, my application could be compiled with libpomelo. Although the connection to pomelo server is not successful yet, this is another issue.

I think this issue could be closed. For the win7 build problem, the current solution is to use MacOS or linux......

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for windows do you try this ?

in your libpomelo project root directory

open git bash and type in

mkdir -p build
git clone build/gyp

then open cmd shell in windows and cd to your libpomelo project root directory

and type in

build\gyp\gyp.bat --depth=. pomelo.gyp -Dlibrary=static_library  

then open pomelo.sln in visual studio and you can build libpomelo in windows


I build libuv with android sdk 17,it's error when android sdk is 8. and you can build it with minsdk is 10 and target sdk is 10.


Hi, NewYuil, for your 1st suggestion, I have done all that to follow the official guideline of pomelo team,

For your 2nd suggestion, try it. It does not work. I will not spend more time on win7 debug. Thank you anyway!!!

BTW, my apk could now access pomelo server. Our features do work now. It is amazing.

Thank you, team pomelo and all guys here help us !!!

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