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LUA client (Corona SDK and Gideros SDK) #75

vitalitymobile opened this Issue January 07, 2013 · 3 comments

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vitalitymobile py

i am very impressed with this game server. Now I am using some cross platform framework to coding client. All it using LUA as main language.

So can you support client for LUA or can you support pure TCP/UDP socket ?
If yes, please share some information about plan. Thanks very much!

Awesome game server!


We plan to support pure TCP/UDP socket in the future, maybe you can contribute to us with pomelo LUA client.


That's great news! Could you plan how long it takes for first alpha version of TCP/ UDP socket, please?


I see in version: 0.3.1 / 2013-3-7 add hybridconnector to support socket and websocket
Can you show some demo code or example to implement TCP/ UDP client? Thanks so much!

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