pomelo-client for cocos2dx #89

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May I know if there is any plan to develop pomelo-client for cocos2dx?

If the answer is yes, when will the 1st version be released?


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Cocos2dx client will be released with 0.3.x version of pomelo, since we have optimized network protocol and compressed package data. We do not want to release 0.2 version client and re-develop 0.3 version again.
The function development of 0.3.x version is over, but we need throughly test.
We will release 0.3.x version in March 2013.


that's a good news


Thx a lot for your feedback. This is a good news.


Hi, just want to follow up.

May I know if the time plan (0.3.x version will be released in March 2013 together with C language client support) is still on time?


as same as me want to know

NetEase member

Do you have any further information about it?


any news about cocos2d-x client?


March is passing,when will the client release?

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