💻 A very simple redis monitor based on Flask and React. 一个部署简单的 redis 监控程序,使用 Flask 和 React 完成。
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A web visualization redis monitoring program. Performance optimized and very easy to install and deploy, base on Flask and sqlite. the monitor data come from redis.info().

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The monitor data include:

  • the redis server infomation [redis.info()], include redis version, online time, online time, os version and information, and so on.
  • realtime cmd exec infomation, such as ops, connected count, and so on.
  • realtime gragh of the connect time.
  • realtime gragh of ops.
  • realtime gragh of cpu and mem usage.
  • some simple operate, such as flushdb and add key-velue.
  • redis role, include master and slaves.


There are so many redis monitor code in github, why do this?

Because I clone so many program, but all exist difficult, cause by below:

  • My kownleage is pool.
  • The config not easy, I have do many thing to run the code, and I need to rewrite some code on my dev environment.
  • Incompatible versions, I can run to monitor redis 2.6, but not work with 2.8.
  • Start up not easy, some project, I need to run a data collection process, and a web process.
  • Performance Loss, when I open 10 browser tab, the monitor of other projects can exec 10 command per second.

How to Use ?

  1. Install redis-monitor

    pip install redis-monitor

  2. Init config & db

    redis-monitor init

  3. start webserver

    redis-monitor start

Then visit LZSB,Can you get ?), OK!


  • basic information


  • connection time gragh


  • ops time gragh


  • cpu and mem gragh



MIT @hustcc