turtles, patches, and links for kids, teachers, and scientists (current version: https://github.com/NetLogo/NetLogo/tree/5.x)
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Latest commit 157cc1b Jan 18, 2017 @mrerrormessage mrerrormessage committed on GitHub Merge pull request #1275 from NetLogo/wip-nlogo-delimiter-whole-line-…

NetLogo ".nlogo" delimiter splits anywhere, not just on entire line
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macros/src/main ParserJS builds using snapshot of scala-parser-combinators Nov 18, 2016
models @ 2afde5c Models submodule with models at NetLogo 6.0 Dec 20, 2016
netlogo-core/src Split models only on whole-line delimiter (fix #1275) Jan 17, 2017
netlogo-gui Merge pull request #1275 from NetLogo/wip-nlogo-delimiter-whole-line-… Jan 18, 2017
netlogo-headless Ensure stacktraces correct for out-of-numeric-range exceptions Jan 9, 2017
parser-core/src Show correct error for foreach in command center Jan 6, 2017
parser-js/src/main Bugfix: Properly parse breed declarations in JS Oct 6, 2016
parser-jvm/src Preserve spacing of parenthesized reporters (fix #1253) Dec 20, 2016
project Put the Interface & Code tabs doc on their own pages Jan 10, 2017
shared Update copyright notices Dec 20, 2016
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build.sbt Use hacky method to provide behaviorspace dependency when it is a sub… Dec 22, 2016
classycle.sbt add `classycle` sbt task that opens a nice report in browser Dec 1, 2015
nightly.sh Nightly uses renamed test commands Oct 6, 2015
sbt Upgrade to sbt 0.13.13 Nov 18, 2016



This page is for open source developers interested in the source code for NetLogo.

Other users should visit the NetLogo home page at Northwestern and the NetLogo users group on Yahoo.


We've all got them. NetLogo's are here: https://github.com/NetLogo/NetLogo/issues

Developer documentation

...is in the wiki.

Discussion group

To talk about NetLogo development, NetLogo internals, the NetLogo source code, usage of NetLogo APIs, etc., join netlogo-devel at Google Groups.