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NetLogo User Manual: System Requirements
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System Requirements
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NetLogo User Manual&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
NetLogo runs on almost any current computer.
If you have any trouble with NetLogo not working, see <a href=
"contact.html">Contacting Us</a>.
Application Requirements
NetLogo runs on Windows 7, Vista, 2000, and XP.
The NetLogo installer for Windows installs Java 6 for NetLogo's
private use only. Other programs on your computer are not affected.
Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.6 or newer is required. (NetLogo 5.0 was the last version
to support 10.5 and 10.4.)
We recommend you use Software Update to ensure that you have the
latest Java.
Other platforms
NetLogo should work on any platform on which Java 6 or later is
installed. (If you have any
trouble, try using the official Java from Oracle, not some alternate.
GNU libgcj does not work. Very recent versions of OpenJDK, or newer, may work; older ones don't.)
Start NetLogo by running the provided <code></code> script.
Double-clicking NetLogo.jar may appear to work but is not
<a name="applet" id="applet">Applet Requirements</a>
NetLogo models saved as Java applets should work in any web browser
where Java 6 (or later) is installed.
If you are using Firefox 4 on Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier and NetLogo
applets don't work, try updating Java through Software Update,
and if that doesn't help, try a different browser such as Safari.
(There are two different Java applet browser plugins Mac OS X, known
as &quot;plugin1&quot; and &quot;plugin2&quot;. Safari uses plugin1
by default, Firefox 4 uses plugin2. plugin1 works with NetLogo,
plugin2 doesn't. Plugin1 is considered legacy; Oracle and Apple
are now only improving plugin2. As of Mac OS X 10.7, only plugin2 is
<a name="threed" id="threed">3D Requirements</a>
Occasionally an older, less powerful system is not able to use the 3D
view or NetLogo 3D. Try it and see.
Some systems can use 3D but can't switch to full-screen mode. It
depends on the graphics card or controller. (For example, the ATI
Radeon IGP 345 and Intel 82845 probably will not work.)
<a name="jre" id="jre">Java Notes for Windows Users</a>
<!-- this needs to be kept in sync with dist/index.html and dist/windows.html -->
Most Windows users should choose the standard NetLogo download, which
includes a bundled Java 6 which is for NetLogo's private use
only; other programs on your computer are not affected.
There are two reasons you might want to use the alternate download,
without bundled Java:
<li>You want a smaller download so it arrives faster and uses up less
space on your hard drive.
<li>For specific technical reasons of your own, you want to run
NetLogo using a different Java than the one we bundle.
If you think the alternate download might be appropriate for you,
please read on.
Even if you already have Java installed on your computer, using that
Java may make NetLogo run slowly.
For maximum performance, NetLogo uses a special option called the
&quot;server&quot; VM. The default Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
installer from Oracle does not install this option. It is only
included in Oracle's Java Development Kit (JDK).
If you are not a Java developer, then you probably have the JRE, not
the JDK, and if you use it with NetLogo, models may run somewhat
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