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import sbt._
import Keys._
object ChecksumsAndPreviews {
// sbt already has a command called "checksums", so we prepend "all-" - ST 6/23/12
lazy val checksum = InputKey[Option[String]]("checksum", "update one model checksum")
lazy val allChecksums = InputKey[Option[String]]("all-checksums", "update all model checksums")
lazy val preview = InputKey[Option[String]]("preview", "update one model preview image")
lazy val allPreviews = InputKey[Option[String]]("all-previews", "update all model preview images")
val settings = Seq(
checksum <<= makeTask("--checksum"),
allChecksums <<= makeTask("--checksums"),
preview <<= makeTask("--preview"),
allPreviews <<= makeTask("--previews")
private def makeTask(flag: String) =
inputTask { (argTask: TaskKey[Seq[String]]) =>
(argTask, fullClasspath in Compile, runner, streams) map {
(args, cp, runner, s) =>"org.nlogo.headless.ChecksumsAndPreviews",, flag +: args, s.log)(runner)
}}.dependsOn(compile in Compile)
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