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NetLogo User Manual: Contacting Us
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Contacting Us
<div class="version">
NetLogo User Manual&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
Feedback from users is essential to us in designing and improving
NetLogo. We'd like to hear from you.
Web site
Our web site at <a href=
""></a> includes our
mailing address and phone number. It also has information about our
staff and our various research activities.
Feedback, questions, etc.
For help using NetLogo, try this group: <a href=
If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions, you may write us at
<a href=
Reporting bugs
Our public bug tracker is on GitHub at <a href=
You can look here to report a new bug, check if a bug has already
been reported, and so on.
When submitting a bug report, please try to include as much of the
following information as possible:
<li>A complete description of the problem and how it occurred.
<li>The NetLogo model or code you are having trouble with. If
possible, attach a complete model. (It's best if you can reduce
the amount of code in the model to the minimum necessary to
demonstrate the bug.)
<li>Your system information: NetLogo version, OS version, Java
version, and so on. This information is available from NetLogo's
&quot;About NetLogo&quot; menu item, then clicking the System tab.
<li>Any error messages that were displayed. Please copy and paste the
entire error message into your email, or make a screen capture if you
are unable to copy and paste.
We also accept bug reports by email at <a href=
Open source
NetLogo is free, open source software. The source code is hosted at
<a href=
Contributions from interested users are welcome.
For discussion of NetLogo API's and the development of NetLogo
itself, try <a href=
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