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This wiki supplements the NetLogo User’s Manual.

Before reporting an issue, take a look at our Known Issues.

Contributors can find project ideas and information at the Contributing page.

Advanced users can find everything they need at the Advanced Users page and the Extensions page.


Developers can find resources as the Internal Home page.

To discuss development work on NetLogo itself, including building NetLogo extensions and other uses of NetLogo APIs, browse or join the netlogo-devel group. For live chat about NetLogo modeling, development, and API's, join the NetLogo/NetLogo Gitter room. There are often members of the NetLogo development team there, especially during business hours in the US Central time zone.

We're always looking for more talented people to add to our team!

A Brief Note

We've been reorganizing our wiki over summer 2017. Please pardon our dust! If you run into problems while using the wiki, we encourage you to report them by editing the Wiki Issues, Questions, Comments page. After the reorganization, we hope the wiki will be even more helpful to you as you use NetLogo. A large number of pages were deleted on July 19. If you need information about those pages, please clone the wiki and check out c18e7ff5660b6c958afc1b7e05643b03fbf36a1c~1

Active Projects (Last Updated: 01/2016)

core devel


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