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This wiki supplements the NetLogo User Manual.

For Users

For Developers

To discuss development work on NetLogo itself, including building NetLogo extensions and other uses of NetLogo APIs, browse or join the netlogo-devel group.

For live chat about NetLogo modeling, development, and API's, join the #netlogo channel on IRC (on the Freenode network). There are often members of the NetLogo development team there, especially during business hours in the US Central time zone.

We're always looking for more talented people to add to our team!

For API docs, see the pages on the Extensions API and the Controlling API.

For Contributors

New to open source? This article might help you to better understand how a rogue developer can help to improve an open source project.

Ready to start contributing to NetLogo but unsure about something? Maybe check out one of these pages:

Active Projects (Last Updated: 01/2015)

core devel

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