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When bugs come up, we try to address them as quickly as possible. However, our resources are limited and we are often unable to address them as quickly as users would like. This page is intended to serve as a sort of repository for information about known issues, workarounds, and potential fixes. We hope this will help users know whether or not their bug has been reported by another user as well as consolidate information about causes and workarounds in one easy-to-access, easy-to-search location.

NetLogo Won't Start on Mac OS Sierra

  • Reported in: Issue 1302
  • Affects: NetLogo 5.3.1, NetLogo 6, NetLogo 6.0.1, NetLogo 6.0.2
  • Fix Version: ???
  • Symptoms: NetLogo refuses to open on Mac OS Sierra.
  • Additional information:

Update: We made changes to our build process for 6.0.2, hoping these would fix this issue. However, they seem to have been ineffective for at least some users. We're continuing to think about the problem, but don't have any promising avenues to fixing it at the moment.

There is a workaround for fixing this. Running the following command in the Terminal will enable you to run NetLogo without turning Gatekeeper completely off. The command is:

sudo xattr -dr /Applications/NetLogo\ 6.0.2/NetLogo\

Note that if you plan to run NetLogo 3D, HubNet Client, or NetLogo Logging, you may also need to re-run that command once for each of those applications. Additionally, if the workaround is not effective for you, please comment on Issue 1302 and let us know!

Also note that the above fix only affects NetLogo 6.0.2. If you are trying to fix NetLogo 6.0 (or 5.3.1, or 6.0.1), change "6.0.2" in the above commands to "6.0" (or "5.3.1", or "6.0.1" respectively).

NetLogo won't start on Ubuntu 16 (and various other Linux systems)

  • Reported in: Issue 1427
  • Affects: NetLogo 6.0.1 (Confirmed), NetLogo 5.3-6.0 (Likely)
  • Fix Version: N/A
  • Symptoms: NetLogo crashes immediately upon startup. The crash may report SIGSEGV (segmentation fault) and/or trigger a core dump. This crash starts happening after an update and after June 20, 2017
  • Additional Information:

This seems to have been caused by a security-related kernel update which has some incompatibilities with the bundled version of Java that we include with NetLogo. We are waiting for more information from Debian, Ubuntu, and/or Oracle before attempting to fix this problem, as it doesn't originate in NetLogo's code. In the meantime, affected users may work around the issue by installing Java 8 (Oracle Java recommended, but OpenJDK will most likely work as well) and taking the following steps to make a launcher script:

  • Copy the file to
  • Edit the copied file replacing org.nlogo.headless.Main with Note that using this launcher requires having the java executable on your path.

HubNet Interface Import makes HubNet Client Editor Non-Functional

  • Reported in: Issue 1145
  • Affects: NetLogo 5.3.1-6.0.2
  • Fix Version:
  • Symptoms: After using "Import > Import HubNet Client Interface...", the HubNet client editor can perform some operations on the widget (repositioning for instance) but cannot perform others (like editing).
  • Additional information: It is possible to workaround this by saving the model, opening a different model (or a new model), then reopening the saved model.

Fixed - Number-too-large causes NullPointerException

  • Reported in: Issue 1277
  • Affects: NetLogo 6.0
  • Fix Version: NetLogo 6.0.1
  • Symptoms: NetLogo errors displaying a stack trace with the following lines first:
at org.nlogo.nvm.StackTraceBuilt.computeRuntimeErrorMessage(EngineException.scala:37)
at org.nlogo.nvm.StackTraceBuilt.computeRuntimeErrorMessage$(EngineException.scala:36)
at org.nlogo.nvm.RuntimePrimitiveException.computeRuntimeErrorMessage(EngineException.scala:51)
  • Additional information: This happens when the numeric values in a model are out of the numeric range NetLogo is capable of representing. This seems to happen frequently with the acos primitive, but could potentially happen with any of the mathematical primitives. This can often be worked around by ensuring that numeric values stay "small enough".

Fixed - NetLogo freezes on 41st Command Center entry

  • Affects: NetLogo 5.3.1-6.0.2
  • Fix Version: NetLogo 6.0.3
  • Symptoms: On entering the 41st unique command in the command center, NetLogo will become unresponsive and have to be terminated. Halt doesn't work to stop the problem.
  • Additional information: Users are advised to save / restart frequently when working extensively with the command center. Note that clicking the "Down Arrow" to the right of the command center and choosing "Clear History" will reset the history. By clearing history before the 41st entry, this problem can be effectively worked around.

Fixed - NetLogo Won't Start on Windows 10

  • Report in: Issue 1603
  • Affects: NetLogo 6.0.3
  • Fix Version: NetLogo 6.0.4
  • Symptoms: NetLogo does not start on Windows 10, instead gives an error message about a missing jvm.dll
  • Additional information:

On certain versions of Windows 10, NetLogo 6.0.3 fails to open, giving an error that it failed to find the library C:\Program Files\NetLogo 6.0.3\runtime\bin\server\jvm.dll. This is very likely this issue with Java 8. It looks like it affects more versions of Windows 10 than just those listed in that issue. I confirmed it on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit running in VirtualBox. Our possible solutions are limited, but the best is to wait for 8u172 which should resolve this completely.

Until 8u172 is in general release, our best workaround is to use the prior version of NetLogo, 6.0.2, on Windows 10 computers that encounter the problem. Some users reported, and the CCL confirmed in one case, that after installing 6.0.2, 6.0.3 will begin working when it didn't before. So it's worth a try to re-open 6.0.3 once 6.0.2 is installed.

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