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Model runs

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The NetLogo devel team at Northwestern is making model runs be artifacts that can be recorded, replayed, saved to disk, emailed, etc. This is for possible inclusion in NetLogo 6.0 or some other future release.

This support exists both headless and in the NetLogo GUI.

It isn't connected to BehaviorSpace (for now) and (for now) only records visible state not the complete world state.

To learn how to record and review model runs from NetLogo's GUI, see:

The following pages give more information about the state of the project:

How to run it

Compile from source

Development work is happening on the 6.x branch.

Here's how to build and run the branch:

% git clone -b 6.x nl.6.x
% cd nl.6.x
% git submodule update --init
% ./sbt all
% ./sbt run

The last command should launch the GUI. It's also the only command you need to repeat in order to launch it again.

To turn on recording, enable the Review tab from the Tools menu.

Having trouble? Ask questions on netlogo-devel.

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