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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Net;
using NetMQ;
using NetMQ.Sockets;
namespace BeaconDemo
/// <summary>
/// Originally from the Docs\ documentation with small modifications for this demo
/// </summary>
internal class Bus
// Actor Protocol
public const string PublishCommand = "P";
public const string GetHostAddressCommand = "GetHostAddress";
public const string AddedNodeCommand = "AddedNode";
public const string RemovedNodeCommand = "RemovedNode";
// Dead nodes timeout
private readonly TimeSpan m_deadNodeTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10);
// we will use this to check if we already know about the node
public class NodeKey
public NodeKey(string name, int port)
Name = name;
Port = port;
Address = $"tcp://{name}:{port}";
HostName = Dns.GetHostEntry(name).HostName;
public string Name { get; }
public int Port { get; }
public string Address { get; }
public string HostName { get; private set; }
protected bool Equals(NodeKey other)
return string.Equals(Name, other.Name) && Port == other.Port;
public override bool Equals(object obj)
if (ReferenceEquals(null, obj)) return false;
if (ReferenceEquals(this, obj)) return true;
if (obj.GetType() != this.GetType()) return false;
return Equals((NodeKey)obj);
public override int GetHashCode()
return ((Name?.GetHashCode() ?? 0) * 397) ^ Port;
public override string ToString()
return Address;
private readonly int m_broadcastPort;
private readonly NetMQActor m_actor;
private PublisherSocket m_publisher;
private SubscriberSocket m_subscriber;
private NetMQBeacon m_beacon;
private NetMQPoller m_poller;
private PairSocket m_shim;
private readonly Dictionary<NodeKey, DateTime> m_nodes; // value is the last time we "saw" this node
private int m_randomPort;
private Bus(int broadcastPort)
m_nodes = new Dictionary<NodeKey, DateTime>();
m_broadcastPort = broadcastPort;
m_actor = NetMQActor.Create(RunActor);
/// <summary>
/// Creates a new message bus actor. All communication with the bus is
/// through the returned <see cref="NetMQActor"/>.
/// </summary>
public static NetMQActor Create(int broadcastPort)
Bus node = new Bus(broadcastPort);
return node.m_actor;
private void RunActor(PairSocket shim)
// save the shim to the class to use later
m_shim = shim;
// create all subscriber, publisher and beacon
using (m_subscriber = new SubscriberSocket())
using (m_publisher = new PublisherSocket())
using (m_beacon = new NetMQBeacon())
// listen to actor commands
m_shim.ReceiveReady += OnShimReady;
// subscribe to all messages
// we bind to a random port, we will later publish this port
// using the beacon
m_randomPort = m_subscriber.BindRandomPort("tcp://*");
Console.WriteLine("Bus subscriber is bound to {0}", m_subscriber.Options.LastEndpoint);
// listen to incoming messages from other publishers, forward them to the shim
m_subscriber.ReceiveReady += OnSubscriberReady;
// configure the beacon to listen on the broadcast port
Console.WriteLine("Beacon is being configured to UDP port {0}", m_broadcastPort);
// publishing the random port to all other nodes
Console.WriteLine("Beacon is publishing the Bus subscriber port {0}", m_randomPort);
m_beacon.Publish(m_randomPort.ToString(), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));
// Subscribe to all beacon on the port
Console.WriteLine("Beacon is subscribing to all beacons on UDP port {0}", m_broadcastPort);
// listen to incoming beacons
m_beacon.ReceiveReady += OnBeaconReady;
// Create a timer to clear dead nodes
NetMQTimer timer = new NetMQTimer(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1));
timer.Elapsed += ClearDeadNodes;
// Create and configure the poller with all sockets and the timer
m_poller = new NetMQPoller { m_shim, m_subscriber, m_beacon, timer };
// signal the actor that we finished with configuration and
// ready to work
// polling until cancelled
private void OnShimReady(object sender, NetMQSocketEventArgs e)
// new actor command
string command = m_shim.ReceiveFrameString();
// check if we received end shim command
if (command == NetMQActor.EndShimMessage)
// we cancel the socket which dispose and exist the shim
else if (command == PublishCommand)
// it is a publish command
// we just forward everything to the publisher until end of message
NetMQMessage message = m_shim.ReceiveMultipartMessage();
else if (command == GetHostAddressCommand)
var address = m_beacon.BoundTo + ":" + m_randomPort;
private void OnSubscriberReady(object sender, NetMQSocketEventArgs e)
// we got a new message from the bus
// let's forward everything to the shim
NetMQMessage message = m_subscriber.ReceiveMultipartMessage();
private void OnBeaconReady(object sender, NetMQBeaconEventArgs e)
// we got another beacon
// let's check if we already know about the beacon
var message = m_beacon.Receive();
int port;
int.TryParse(message.String, out port);
NodeKey node = new NodeKey(message.PeerHost, port);
// check if node already exist
if (!m_nodes.ContainsKey(node))
// we have a new node, let's add it and connect to subscriber
m_nodes.Add(node, DateTime.Now);
//Console.WriteLine("Node {0} is not a new beacon.", node);
m_nodes[node] = DateTime.Now;
private void ClearDeadNodes(object sender, NetMQTimerEventArgs e)
// create an array with the dead nodes
var deadNodes = m_nodes.
Where(n => DateTime.Now > n.Value + m_deadNodeTimeout)
.Select(n => n.Key).ToArray();
// remove all the dead nodes from the nodes list and disconnect from the publisher
foreach (var node in deadNodes)
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