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Scrapes for employee names and turns them into email addresses automagically.


This isn't using any fancy APIs or anything, so if updates their site at all this script will fail hilariously.

A Word on CloudFlare

The random sleep breaks within the script are in an attempt to avoid CloudFlare rate-limiting.

CloudFlare DDoS protection is really the biggest hurdle for scraping CloudFlare has a browser Javascript challenge every so often that cloudscraper attempts to solve. Then if CloudFlare decides you have solved its challenges too quickly or too often, it may randomly decide to completely block you from accessing the site. The only option at that point would be to wait until the rate-limiting subsides or connect via a different IP address. Both the Javascript challenge and the full-blown rate-limiting are 429 responses, so if you see a 429 from the script and cloudscraper isn't broken (also possible) you are likely being rate-limited :). VPNs are a quick and easy way around the issue if it comes up, and the script will also pause automatically at any 429 responses.

Getting started

Google dork your target "domain.tld" like so: domain.tld

Pick the correct instance (usually the first) and give the script everything after "" as -z, e.g.,

-z 'netspi-inc/36078304' -d

To have the script automatically search and select the first Google dork result and proceed, use the -g switch with -d, e.g.,

-d -g

There are four format (-f) options:

  1. flast@domain.tld (e.g., (default)
  2. first.last@domain.tld (e.g.,
  3. lastf@domain.tld (e.g.,
  4. Full name (e.g., John Marie Doe)

CloudFlare is a bear, so random sleeps are added for each request to not poke the bear too much. If there are more than 10 pages, a ~60 second break is taken every 10 pages.

If you get multiple 429's returned, it's likely that you are being rate limited by CloudFlare. You can try changing your IP and continuing with 'y'.


The tool needs the following package to run:

pip3 install cloudscraper


pip3 install google

Run instructions

Requires python3. (-z) or (-g and -d) are required. (-z) is the path described above. (-d) appends whatever domain.tld you want to the employee names. The (-f) format options are also described above. An output file (-o) option will write to a given filename. Run the script with no options or (-h) to see the help menu.

python3 -z zoominfo/path [-d domain.tld] [-f 1] [-o outputfile.txt] [-g]


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