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File metadata and controls

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Sample Application Release Notes


  • Fixed bug where ExecuteAsync sometimes doesn't send data


  • Fixed Windows Phone and Silverlight to use culture when calling Convert.ChangeType() (thanks trydis)

  • Added support for non-standard HTTP methods (thanks jhoerr)
    New API methods include:

    • IRestClient.ExecuteAsyncGet()
    • IRestClient.ExecuteAsyncPost()
    • IRestClient.ExecuteAsyncGet<T>()
    • IRestClient.ExecuteAsyncPost<T>()

    See groups discussion for more info

  • Resolved an xAuth support issue in the OAuth1Authenticator (thanks artema)

  • Change AddDefaultParameter methods to be extension methods (thanks haacked)
    Added RestClientExtensions.AddDefaultParameter() with 4 overloads. See pull request #311 for more info

  • Adding support for deserializing enums from integer representations (thanks dontjee)