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NetSys Website

This repo houses the code for our website.

To build it you will need the following:

  • ruby >= 1.9.0
  • ruby gems
  • make

Once you have them, run gem install bundler followed by bundle install. That should install all of the appropriate ruby gems to build the site.

The site is built using Jekyll and most of it lives in the src directory, which is layed out as follows:

  • src/_layouts contains templates for various pages
  • src/_posts contains markdown files for various posts
  • src/_bibliography contains the bibtex file for the publications page
  • src/_data contains yaml files that hold the data for the projects and people pages
  • src/static contains the site's static assests (images, css, javascript, etc...)
  • src/* in most cases, everything else does what its name suggests

The jekyll configuration lives in _config.yaml

Make any changes you want to the site and generate the new html with make build

Before pushing the site, run make test and check that the site looks right at http://localhost:4000

Push the site to netsys.cs.berkeley.edu by running make push