Aardvark is a multi-account AWS IAM Access Advisor API
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Aardvark is a multi-account AWS IAM Access Advisor API (and caching layer).

Aardvark uses PhantomJS to log into the AWS Console and obtain access advisor data. It then presents a RESTful API for other apps to query.


mkvirtualenv aardvark
git clone git@github.com:Netflix-Skunkworks/aardvark.git
cd aardvark
python setup.py develop

Known Dependencies

Note: Aardvark requires at least phantomjs 2.1.1. We've seen odd behavior running with older versions. In order to use phanton_js you will need to set the env variable as described below, otherwise it will try to open in interactive mode and probably it will not properly work:

export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=offscreen

Configure Aardvark

The Aardvark config wizard will guide you through the setup.

% aardvark config

Aardvark can use SWAG to look up accounts. https://github.com/Netflix-Skunkworks/swag-client
Do you use SWAG to track accounts? [yN]: no
ROLENAME: Aardvark
DATABASE [sqlite:////home/github/aardvark/aardvark.db]:
# Threads [5]:
Path to phantomjs:

>> Writing to config.py
  • Whether to use SWAG to enumerate your AWS accounts. (Optional, but useful when you have many accounts.)
  • The name of the IAM Role to assume into in each account.
  • The Database connection string. (Defaults to sqlite in the current working directory. Use RDS Postgres for production.)
  • Location of the PhantomJS executable. (Will attempt to find phantomjs in your path before asking.) Ensure it is at least v2.1.1.

Create the DB tables

aardvark create_db

IAM Permissions:

Aardvark needs an IAM Role in each account that will be queried. Additionally, Aardvark needs to be launched with a role or user which can sts:AssumeRole into the different account roles.


  • Only create one.
  • Needs the ability to call sts:AssumeRole into all of the AardvarkRole's


  • Must exist in every account to be monitored.
  • Must have a trust policy allowing AardvarkInstanceProfile.
  • Has these permissions:

So if you are monitoring n accounts, you will always need n+1 roles. (n AardvarkRoles and 1 AardvarkInstanceProfile).

Gather Access Advisor Data

You'll likely want to refresh the Access Advisor data regularly. We recommend running the update command about once a day. Cron works great for this.

Without SWAG:

If you don't have SWAG you can pass comma separated account numbers:

aardvark update -a 123456789012,210987654321

With SWAG:

Aardvark can use SWAG to look up accounts, so you can run against all with:

aardvark update

or by account name/tag with:

aardvark update -a dev,test,prod


Start the API

aardvark start_api -b

In production, you'll likely want to have something like supervisor starting the API for you.

Use the API

Swagger is available for the API at <Aardvark_Host>/apidocs/#!.

Aardvark responds to get/post requests. All results are paginated and pagination can be controlled by passing count and/or page arguments. Here are a few example queries:

curl localhost:5000/api/1/advisors
curl localhost:5000/api/1/advisors?phrase=SecurityMonkey
curl localhost:5000/api/1/advisors?arn=arn:aws:iam::000000000000:role/SecurityMonkey&arn=arn:aws:iam::111111111111:role/SecurityMonkey
curl localhost:5000/api/1/advisors?regex=^.*Monkey$



Aardvark will launch the number of threads specified in the configuration. Each of these threads will launch a PhantomJS process to retrieve Access Advisor data for an account and then persist the data. We have discovered in testing that more than 6 threads causes the Phantom processes to fail to complete.


The regex query is only supported in Postgres (natively) and SQLite (via some magic courtesy of Xion in the sqla_regex file).


We recommend enabling TLS for any service. Instructions for setting up TLS are out of scope for this document.