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This is gcviz, a set of programs that help generate visualizations
from gc.log, a log file that the HotSpot, a Java Virual Machine,
writes when configured with the following flags:

gcviz is intended to be used as a webapp when installed on the same
host as tomcat, or any other Java web container. The gcviz program
itself is served by apache httpd inside netflix, but could be served
by any webserver that supports CGI. gcviz implicitly assumes to
be running in a linux environment.

By default gcviz is available at:

Internally, gcviz is a bundle of four sorts of things:
  * python programs that require matplotlib, numpy, pylab, etc.
  * cgi scripts that invoke these python programs
  * some minor assistive perl scripts
  * very minor rpm infrastructure to package the previous things.

I wrote gcviz to address challenges we face inside Netflix. If you
feel that any changes you might propose could be helpful for Netflix
or for the community at large, please write.

Brian Moore