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You can choose to override the defaults configuration used by Priam by specifying properties.
The defaults provided in this page are implemented by PriamConfiguration class. However, you can set Priam properties using one of these methods with the following order of precedence:

  • a – SimpleDb
  • b – There is a sample under priam/src/main/resources/conf/
  • c – Java’s parameter (-D option)
  • d – Default values in

Refer below for properties that are specific to a instance types. Also, since we align our Priam versions to the corresponding Cassandra versions, refer to following section for your environment.

Snitch selection

As of Cassandra 1.2.11, the replace_token functionality was replaced by replace_address. This requires knowledge of the IP address of the machine that is being replaced. The impact to Priam is that since we do not write out the internal IP address of machines, we need to use the external IP to pass into the replace_address API. Thus, it is advised that all Priam users use the Ec2MultiregionSnitch and not the Ec2Snitch as the former knows how to deal with public and internal IP addresses of an instance. If you are using a single-region cluster, you do not have to worry that all cassandra traffic will go over the public IP address (and cost you more money): the Ec2MultiRegionSnitch has always detected when peers are running within the same region and switches to the internal IP address.

NOTE: This requires, at minimum, that the SSL storage port (7001) has also been configured, and priam.internodeEncryption has been set. (And possibly priam.multiregion.enable as well)