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# see documentation at:
simianarmy.recorder.sdb.domain = SIMIAN_ARMY
# If using a non-SimbleDB recorder (LocalDB), these settings tweak defaults.
# Following should be a writeable location, for monkey events when SimpleDB is not used
# Max number of events to record; old events will be expired after this limit is
# reached. Use this to avoid filling disk with events (or attach a big volume!)
# Optional password to encrypt event storage.
simianarmy.scheduler.frequency = 1
simianarmy.scheduler.frequencyUnit = HOURS
simianarmy.scheduler.threads = 1
simianarmy.calendar.openHour = 9
simianarmy.calendar.closeHour = 15
simianarmy.calendar.timezone = America/Los_Angeles
# override to force monkey time, useful for debugging off hours
#simianarmy.calendar.isMonkeyTime = true
# Allows you to Set the (case sensitive) AWS Tag Key to use for owner tags; e.g. Owner or owner
# Will be Monkey Wide - used by all Monkeys. If not set defaults to "owner"
# simianarmy.tags.owner = Owner
# Region override for Amazon Simple Email Service Client