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tweak wording of log message

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commit d39586729fd30cb193f79d00469c79693af8bddf 1 parent 06097f0
@coryb coryb authored
2  src/main/java/com/netflix/simianarmy/basic/chaos/
@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ private double getEffectiveProbability(InstanceGroup group) {
double mandatoryProb = cfg.getNumOrElse(NS + "mandatoryTermination.defaultProbability",
DEFAULT_MANDATORY_TERMINATION_PROBABILITY);"There has been no terminations for group {} [type {}] in the last {} days,"
- + "set the probability to {} for mandatory termination.",
+ + "setting the probability to {} for mandatory termination.",
new Object[]{, group.type(), mandatoryTerminationWindowInDays, mandatoryProb});
return mandatoryProb;
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