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Monkeys are configured using three configuration files. configures the global settings that can be shared by all monkeys. configures the client to be used (currently AWS and VSphere are supported). <monkey-name>.properties configures the behaviour of the specific monkey. For example, configures the behavior of Chaos Monkey, like which groups to terminate with which probability etc., and contains properties like which resource types to manage and what rules are used to find unused resources.

Location of the property files

The system property specifies the location of the properties files used to configure the monkeys. The default properties files "/", "/", and "<monkey-name>.properties" are located at the root of one of the classpath directories. See the defaults in the github repo.

    $ java ...

Customizing contains the common settings that can be shared by all monkeys, e.g. the schedules of running monkeys or the calendar. You can check the details here.

Customizing configures the client to be used. Currently AWS and VSphere are supported. Example configuration file can be seen here.

Customizing specific monkeys

You can also learn how to Configure Chaos Monkey, Configure Janitor Monkey, and Configure Conformity Monkey so you can customize the monkeys to fit your business needs.