Foundation AMI

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A Foundation AMI is needed by Aminator as the base AMI from which to make changes. Aminator works by taking an existing AMI, and creating a volume from the EBS snapshot the AMI is backed by. Once this volume is attached to the Aminator EC2 instance, it can make customizations to it.

A Foundation AMI usually has almost nothing other than the base operation system installed.

How is this different to a Base AMI

At Netflix, a Base AMI has a lot more than just the OS installed. It usually contains things like Java, Tomcat and Chef just to name a few. Aminator can make a Base AMI from a Foundation AMI, and from the Base AMI, make an Asgard or Eureka AMI.

The process is:

+--------------------+       +------------+       +------+       +--------+
| Linux Distribution | ====> | Foundation | ====> | Base | ====> | Asgard |
|        AMI         |  (1)  |    AMI     |  (2)  | AMI  |  (3)  |  AMI   |
+--------------------+       +------------+       +------+       +--------+
  1. Create a Foundation AMI from the Linux Distribution AMI using scripts/API
  2. Create a Base AMI from the Foundation AMI using Aminator
  3. Create many AMIs (Asgard, Eureka, Edda, etc) from the Base AMI using Aminator
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