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Library for configuration management API
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Archaius includes a set of configuration management APIs used by Netflix. It provides the following functionalities:

  • Dynamic, Typed Properties
  • High throughput and Thread Safe Configuration operations
  • A polling framework that allows obtaining property changes of a Configuration Source
  • A Callback mechanism that gets invoked on effective/"winning" property mutations (in the ordered hierarchy of Configurations)
  • A JMX MBean that can be accessed via JConsole to inspect and invoke operations on properties
  • Out of the box, Composite Configurations (With ordered hierarchy) for applications (and most web applications willing to use convention based property file locations)
  • Implementations of dynamic configuration sources for URLs, JDBC and Amazon DynamoDB
  • Scala dynamic property wrappers


Please see wiki for detail documentations.


The code name for the project comes from an endangered species of Chameleons. We chose Archaius, as Chameleons are known for changing their color (a property) based on its environment and situation. This project was borne out of a strong desire to use dynamic property changes to effect runtime behaviors based on specific contexts.

User Group

The google group for Archaius users is!forum/achaius-users. Email address for the group is

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