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Astyanax is a high level Java client for Apache Cassandra.
Apache Cassandra is a highly available column oriented database:
Astyanax was the son of Hector in greek mythology.
Astyanax is currently in use at Netflix. Issues generally are fixed as quickly as possbile and releases done frequently.
Some features provided by this client:
o high level, simple object oriented interface to cassandra
o failover behavior on the client side
o Connection pool abstraction. Implementation of a round robin connection pool.
o Monitoring abstraction to get event notification from the connection pool
o complete encapsulation of the underlying Thrift API and structs
o automatic retry of downed hosts
o automatic discovery of additional hosts in the cluster
o suspension of hosts for a short period of time after several timeouts
o annotations to simplify use of composite columns
Detailed documentation of Astyanax features and usage can be found on the wiki:
The work was initially inspired by
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