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ghost commented Feb 14, 2012

It seems that the async code path is implemented by simply executing synchronous version on the thread pool.
Is it possible to make this really async (i.e. using non-blocking socket stack like, for example, what netty does)?
I'm not familiar enough with Thrift, it may not be even fundamentally possible..


elandau commented Feb 15, 2012

We tried implementing the non-blocking async code but it ended up being very complicated to deal with retries and maintaining state when switching keyspace. A lot of the plumbing is there so it should be possible to take another stab at it.

elandau commented May 1, 2012

Will not be implemented

@elandau elandau closed this May 1, 2012

DataStax/@PatrickMcFadin recommends executeAsync calls instead of multi-get... slide 14 here:

Can you revisit/elaborate the 'wontfix' associated with this?

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