setting timestamp fails for first row/column #236

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I'm writing code to change every TTL in every column over the whole database. As part of that, I want to set the timestamp as well. Setting timestamp works for all columns (maybe for the entire row -- my test data only has 1 column per row) except for the very first one. The timestamp for the first one remains the "current time".

Here is my code:

   public <R,C> void updateTTLInAllRows(final ColumnFamily<R,C> cf, final Integer newTTL) throws ConnectionException
      // Inserting data
      final MutationBatch mutator = getKeyspace().prepareMutationBatch();

      final OperationResult<Rows<R, C>> result =

      for (Row<R, C> row : result.getResult())
         final R rowKey = row.getKey();
         final ColumnListMutation<C> mutationBatch = mutator.withRow(cf, rowKey);
         for (Column<C> column : row.getColumns())
            final C columnKey = column.getName();
            final long timestamp = 1400000000000001L; // column.getTimestamp();
            final ByteBuffer value = column.getByteBufferValue();
            mutationBatch.putColumn(columnKey, value, newTTL);

As a secondary issue, if I call mutator.lockCurrentTimestamp() after the call to setTimestamp, I get a null pointer exception. I'm not really concerned about that one though, it's just fyi.

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Which version of astyanax are you using? I wrote a unit test against the latest version and the timestamp is getting set correctly. I did see the NPE and will fix it.

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One other thing to keep in mind is that setting the timestamp on the mutator will only take effect for the next withRow. To set the timestamp for columns in a row call mutationBatch.setTimestamp. This is by design.

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@omar-eyeviewdigital omar-eyeviewdigital pushed a commit to omar-eyeviewdigital/astyanax that referenced this issue Oct 31, 2013
@elandau elandau Fix mutation timestamp override NPE.
Fix for Netflix#236.
Added a bunch of 'sample' functions to be used with the all rows
reader: row copier, column counter, row counter, row trace.
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