Missing POM files in Master repo #242

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Hi, is it temporary problem? I can't see any POMs... thanks

elandau commented Mar 22, 2013

We switch over to a gradle build system a while ago and haven't been maintaining the pom.xml. Are you doing your own builds? Can you not take the binaries from maven central?


Yes I want to build from source... how to do it? thanks

quidryan commented Apr 1, 2013

From the base directory, run Gradle:

./gradlew build

Read the Gradle documentation for more details (http://www.gradle.org/documentation)


I'm trying to build the project with gradle and the following occurs. The maven-metadata.xml is not checked into the repository. Also, the raw.github.com domain plus URI is 404ing.


sagarl commented Dec 18, 2013

I hope all the build issues are fixed. Hence closing it.

@sagarl sagarl closed this Dec 18, 2013
quidryan commented Jun 2, 2014

There is no maven-metadata.xml file, which is optional (I believe) for a
Maven repository. The file it should be referencing is:


You should be able to curl that.

Hopefully this whole dependency won't be needed in the future.

On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 4:27 PM, flyinprogramer notifications@github.com


Does not seem to exist anymore? Or do I not know how to use curl anymore?

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