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Composite row key doesn't work for IntegerType component #244

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I had a composite row key consisting of LongType:UTF8Type:IntegerType
In my AnnotatedCompositeSerializer class I had 3 components: long, String, and int

When iterating through the rows returned from my query, I kept getting an exception complaining that it could not set the "int" in my AnnotatedCompositeSerializer class to null.

I got the source and stepped through the code. The bytebuffer for the column name contains a short length for each component. Here is what mine had:

length: 8 followed by 8 bytes for my long
length: 2 followed by 2 bytes for my string
length: 1 followed by 1 byte for my integer

The problem is that the bytebuffer contained 8 bytes for my long, the correct number of bytes for my string, and only 1 byte for my integer. The value of that 1 byte was correct (it was a 2) but because it was only 1 byte long instead of 4, the code in

fromByteBuffer(ByteBuffer byteBuffer)

in AnnotatedCompositeSerializer returned null and caused the exception.


Which version of cassandra are you using? IntegerType in cassandra is actually a variable length BigInteger and not a 32 bit integer. Try changing your comparator to LongType:UTF8Type:Int32Type or change the 'int' to BigInteger.


Ok, that's probably my misunderstanding. I was expecting IntegerType to be 4 bytes. I'll switch to Int32Type and see if that works for me.

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