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Is there support for CQL Native Transport in Astyanax? #280

mohitmohan opened this Issue · 2 comments

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According to Cassandra 1.2

--Currently, only the thrift server is started by default because the native
--transport is considered beta.
--Please note that the address on which the native transport is bound is the
--same as the rpc_address. The port however is different and specified below.
start_native_transport: false
--port for the CQL native transport to listen for clients on
native_transport_port: 9042"

If server is configured to start native transport, how can native_transport_port be set in Astyanax?


Astyanax does not support the native protocol at this point. In the coming months we will be adding more CQL as well as native protocol support.


@mohitmohan We are currently working on adding support for this. The current version has no support for doing this.
We should have an update for you around mid december ish at the latest.

Closing this out.

@opuneet opuneet closed this
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