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toolbear commented Dec 3, 2016

In the hollow subproject I get a handful of compiler errors regarding the use of sun.misc.Unsafe. For example:

Access restriction: The type 'Unsafe' is not API
Access restriction: The method 'Unsafe.getLong(Object, long)

For me this happens after a pristine import into Eclipse. It may fail for other IDEs.


Upon running gradle build in hollow subproject using intelliJ IDE, I get a couple of warnings.

Unsafe is internal proprietary API and may be removed in a future release
import sun.misc.Unsafe;

Another issue, that I see, errors in my IDE in project hollow-diff-ui

hollow/hollow-diff-ui/src/tools/java/com/netflix/hollow/diff/ui/ error: package org.junit does not exist
import org.junit.Test;
hollow/hollow-diff-ui/src/tools/java/com/netflix/hollow/diff/ui/ error: cannot find symbol import;
toolbear commented Dec 3, 2016 edited

I was able to get Eclipse working by changing "Forbidden Reference" to Warning under Java CompilerErrors/WarningsDeprecated and restricted API


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