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Metaflow Metadata Service

Metadata service implementation for Metaflow. This provides a thin wrapper around a database and keeps track of metadata associated with metaflow entities such as Flows, Runs, Steps, Tasks, and Artifacts.

For more information, see Metaflow's website

Getting Started

The service depends on the following Environment Variables to be set:

  • MF_METADATA_DB_HOST [defaults to localhost]
  • MF_METADATA_DB_PORT [defaults to 5432]
  • MF_METADATA_DB_USER [defaults to postgres]
  • MF_METADATA_DB_PSWD [defaults to postgres]
  • MF_METADATA_DB_NAME [defaults to postgres]
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 -m metadata_service.server

Swagger UI: http://localhost:8080/api/doc

Using docker-compose

docker-compose up -d

to access the container run

docker exec -it metadata_service /bin/bash

within the container curl the service directly

curl localhost:8080/ping

Using published image on DockerHub

Latest release of the image is available on dockerhub

docker pull netflixoss/metaflow_metadata_service

Be sure to set the proper env variables when running the image

docker run -e MF_METADATA_DB_HOST='<instance_name>' \
-e MF_METADATA_DB_USER='postgres' \
-e MF_METADATA_DB_PSWD='postgres' \
-e MF_METADATA_DB_NAME='metaflow'

Get in Touch

There are several ways to get in touch with us:

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