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import importlib
import os
import sys
import tarfile
import time
import json
from io import BytesIO
from .extension_support import EXT_PKG, package_mfext_all
from .metaflow_config import DEFAULT_PACKAGE_SUFFIXES
from .exception import MetaflowException
from .util import to_unicode
from . import R
METAFLOW_SUFFIXES_LIST = [".py", ".html", ".css", ".js"]
class NonUniqueFileNameToFilePathMappingException(MetaflowException):
headline = "Non Unique file path for a file name included in code package"
def __init__(self, filename, file_paths, lineno=None):
msg = (
"Filename %s included in the code package includes multiple different paths for the same name : %s.\n"
"The `filename` in the `add_to_package` decorator hook requires a unqiue `file_path` to `file_name` mapping"
% (filename, ", ".join(file_paths))
super().__init__(msg=msg, lineno=lineno)
# this is os.walk(follow_symlinks=True) with cycle detection
def walk_without_cycles(top_root):
seen = set()
def _recurse(root):
for parent, dirs, files in os.walk(root):
for d in dirs:
path = os.path.join(parent, d)
if os.path.islink(path):
# Breaking loops: never follow the same symlink twice
# NOTE: this also means that links to sibling links are
# not followed. In this case:
# x -> y
# y -> oo
# oo/real_file
# real_file is only included twice, not three times
reallink = os.path.realpath(path)
if reallink not in seen:
for x in _recurse(path):
yield x
yield parent, files
for x in _recurse(top_root):
yield x
class MetaflowPackage(object):
def __init__(self, flow, environment, echo, suffixes=DEFAULT_SUFFIXES_LIST):
self.suffixes = list(set().union(suffixes, DEFAULT_SUFFIXES_LIST))
self.environment = environment
self.metaflow_root = os.path.dirname(__file__)
self.flow_name =
self._flow = flow
self.create_time = time.time()
for step in flow:
for deco in step.decorators:
deco.package_init(flow, step.__name__, environment)
self.blob = self._make()
def _walk(self, root, exclude_hidden=True, suffixes=None):
if suffixes is None:
suffixes = []
root = to_unicode(root) # handle files/folder with non ascii chars
prefixlen = len("%s/" % os.path.dirname(root))
for (
) in walk_without_cycles(root):
if exclude_hidden and "/." in path:
# path = path[2:] # strip the ./ prefix
# if path and (path[0] == '.' or './' in path):
# continue
for fname in files:
if fname[0] == ".":
if any(fname.endswith(suffix) for suffix in suffixes):
p = os.path.join(path, fname)
yield p, p[prefixlen:]
def path_tuples(self):
Returns list of (path, arcname) to be added to the job package, where
`arcname` is the alternative name for the file in the package.
# We want the following contents in the tarball
# Metaflow package itself
for path_tuple in self._walk(
self.metaflow_root, exclude_hidden=False, suffixes=METAFLOW_SUFFIXES_LIST
yield path_tuple
# Metaflow extensions; for now, we package *all* extensions but this may change
# at a later date; it is possible to call `package_mfext_package` instead of
# `package_mfext_all`
for path_tuple in package_mfext_all():
yield path_tuple
# Any custom packages exposed via decorators
deco_module_paths = {}
for step in self._flow:
for deco in step.decorators:
for path_tuple in deco.add_to_package():
file_path, file_name = path_tuple
# Check if the path is not duplicated as
# many steps can have the same packages being imported
if file_name not in deco_module_paths:
deco_module_paths[file_name] = file_path
yield path_tuple
elif deco_module_paths[file_name] != file_path:
raise NonUniqueFileNameToFilePathMappingException(
file_name, [deco_module_paths[file_name], file_path]
# the package folders for environment
for path_tuple in self.environment.add_to_package():
yield path_tuple
if R.use_r():
# the R working directory
for path_tuple in self._walk(
"%s/" % R.working_dir(), suffixes=self.suffixes
yield path_tuple
# the R package
for path_tuple in R.package_paths():
yield path_tuple
# the user's working directory
flowdir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(sys.argv[0])) + "/"
for path_tuple in self._walk(flowdir, suffixes=self.suffixes):
yield path_tuple
def _add_info(self, tar):
info = tarfile.TarInfo("INFO")
env = self.environment.get_environment_info()
buf = BytesIO()
info.size = len(buf.getvalue())
tar.addfile(info, buf)
def _make(self):
def no_mtime(tarinfo):
# a modification time change should not change the hash of
# the package. Only content modifications will.
tarinfo.mtime = 0
return tarinfo
buf = BytesIO()
fileobj=buf, mode="w:gz", compresslevel=3, dereference=True
) as tar:
for path, arcname in self.path_tuples():
tar.add(path, arcname=arcname, recursive=False, filter=no_mtime)
blob = bytearray(buf.getvalue())
blob[4:8] = [0] * 4 # Reset 4 bytes from offset 4 to account for ts
return blob
def __str__(self):
return "<code package for flow %s (created @ %s)>" % (
time.strftime("%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S", self.create_time),