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Foreach over list parameter results in None value for input #651

lsimoneau opened this issue Aug 19, 2021 · 3 comments

Foreach over list parameter results in None value for input #651

lsimoneau opened this issue Aug 19, 2021 · 3 comments


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We have a flow with a JSONType parameter containing a list of values. We attempted to split into a foreach step across the parameter. Metaflow splits off the correct number of tasks (one per value in the list), but in each task the input value is None.

I would expect this to either fail validation (tell us we can't use a parameter in a foreach) or Just Work™ and make the value available in the split tasks.

Example flow:

from metaflow import FlowSpec, Parameter, step, JSONType

class ForeachFlow(FlowSpec):
    numbers_param = Parameter(
    def start(self):
        # This works, and passes each number to the run_number step:
        # self.numbers = self.numbers_param
        #, foreach='numbers')
        # But this doesn't:, foreach='numbers_param')
    def run_number(self):
        print(f"number is {self.input}")
    def join(self, inputs):
    def end(self):
if __name__ == '__main__':

This results in:

2021-08-19 21:50:37.718 Workflow starting (run-id 390):
2021-08-19 21:50:37.801 [390/start/82041 (pid 8328)] Task is starting.
2021-08-19 21:50:40.221 [390/start/82041 (pid 8328)] Foreach yields 3 child steps.
2021-08-19 21:50:40.222 [390/start/82041 (pid 8328)] Task finished successfully.
2021-08-19 21:50:40.558 [390/run_number/82042 (pid 8368)] Task is starting.
2021-08-19 21:50:40.684 [390/run_number/82043 (pid 8371)] Task is starting.
2021-08-19 21:50:40.868 [390/run_number/82044 (pid 8374)] Task is starting.
2021-08-19 21:50:42.566 [390/run_number/82043 (pid 8371)] number is None
2021-08-19 21:50:42.667 [390/run_number/82042 (pid 8368)] number is None
2021-08-19 21:50:42.748 [390/run_number/82044 (pid 8374)] number is None
2021-08-19 21:50:43.879 [390/run_number/82043 (pid 8371)] Task finished successfully.
2021-08-19 21:50:44.633 [390/run_number/82042 (pid 8368)] Task finished successfully.
2021-08-19 21:50:45.196 [390/run_number/82044 (pid 8374)] Task finished successfully.
2021-08-19 21:50:45.602 [390/join/82045 (pid 8500)] Task is starting.
2021-08-19 21:50:48.733 [390/join/82045 (pid 8500)] Task finished successfully.
2021-08-19 21:50:48.998 [390/end/82046 (pid 8561)] Task is starting.
2021-08-19 21:50:51.324 [390/end/82046 (pid 8561)] Task finished successfully.
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savingoyal commented Aug 19, 2021

Taking a look! This looks like a bug.

Edit - can confirm this is a bug. We will roll out a fix.

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#652 fixes and closes this issue.

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This issue has been fixed in Metaflow 2.3.5 -

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