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2.2.12 (May 18th, 2021)

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@savingoyal savingoyal released this 19 May 01:21
· 627 commits to master since this release

Metaflow 2.2.12 Release Notes

The Metaflow 2.2.12 release is a minor patch release.


Add capability to override AWS Step Functions state machine name while deploying flows to AWS Step Functions

Prior to this release, the State Machines created by Metaflow while deploying flows to AWS Step Functions had the same name as that of the flow. With this release, Metaflow users can now override the name of the State Machine created by passing in a --name argument : python step-functions --name foo create or python step-functions --name foo trigger.

Introduce heartbeats for Metaflow flows

Metaflow now registers heartbeats at the run level and the task level for all flow executions (with the exception of flows running on AWS Step Functions where only task-level heartbeats are captured). This provides the necessary metadata to ascertain if a run/task has been lost. Subsequent releases of Metaflow will expose this information through the client.

Bug Fixes

Handle regression with Click >=8.0.x

The latest release of Click (8.0.0) broke certain idempotency assumptions in Metaflow which PR #526 addresses.