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Welcome to the Ribbon wiki!

Ribbon plays a critical role in supporting inter-process communication in the cloud. The library includes the Netflix client side load balancers and clients for middle tier services.

Ribbon provides the following features:

  • Multiple and pluggable load balancing rules
  • Integration with service discovery
  • Built-in failure resiliency
  • Cloud enabled
  • Clients integrated with load balancers
  • Archaius configuration driven client factory

There are three sub projects:

  • ribbon-core: includes load balancer and client interface definitions, common load balancer implementations, integration of client with load balancers and client factory.
  • ribbon-eureka: includes load balancer implementations based on Eureka client, which is the library for service registration and discovery.
  • ribbon-httpclient: includes the JSR-311 based implementation of REST client integrated with load balancers.