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Netflix's distributed Data Pipeline

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Suro: Netflix's Data Pipeline

Suro is a data pipeline service for collecting, aggregating, and dispatching large volume of application events including log data. It has the following features:

  • It is distributed and can be horizontally scaled.
  • It supports streaming data flow, large number of connections, and high throughput.
  • It allows dynamically dispatching events to different locations with flexible dispatching rules.
  • It has a simple and flexible architecture to allow users to add additional data destinations.
  • It fits well into NetflixOSS ecosystem
  • It is a best-effort data pipeline with support of flexible retries and store-and-forward to minimize message loss

Learn more about Suro on the Suro Wiki and the Netflix TechBlog post where Suro was introduced.

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NetflixGraph is built via Gradle ( To build from the command line:

./gradlew build

See the build.gradle file for other gradle targets, like distTar, distZip, installApp, and runServer.

Running the server

You can run the server locally by just running ./gradlew runServer.

More more advanced usage you may wish to run ./gradlew installApp and then:

cd suro-server
java -cp "build/install/suro-server/lib/*" -m conf/routingmap.json -s conf/sink.json -i conf/input.json

To enable basic logging you can downloaded slf4j-simple-1.7.7.jar and copy it into suro-server then run:

cd suro-server
java -cp "build/install/suro-server/lib/*:slf4j-simple-1.7.7.jar" -m conf/routingmap.json -s conf/sink.json -i conf/input.json


We will use the Google Group, Suro Users, to discuss issues:!forum/suro-users

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