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This is the list of official NethServer mirrors.

Donate a NethServer mirror

If you want to host a NethServer mirror

Mirror status

A couple of mirmon instances run on

If you think some mirror should be added/removed feel free to propose a file modification!


All the configuration is set by config.php. Other scripts should not be modified, unless a business rule change is wanted.

The mirrors list is generated by nethserver.php for both ns6 and ns7. The centos.php script is specific to ns6: it generates the mirrors list for CentOS repositories, or it redirects to

Common use cases:

  • When a new, stable, upstream, CentOS release is available, update $centos_releases

  • When a new development version of NethServer is available, list it in $development_releases

  • If the development release is stuck and CentOS moves a release to, list that release in $vault_releases

  • When a development release becomes stable, remove it from $development_releases and update $stable_releases

  • If a release number is not listed neither in $vault_releases nor $development_releases, the stable release number is returned, triggering a system upgrade