Simple faucet to fund Ethereum accounts
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Simple faucet to fund Ethereum accounts

Faucet demo

Installation as a dotnet new template

To install the faucet as a "dotnet new" template use the following command:

dotnet new -i Nethereum.Templates.Faucet::*

Then run:

dotnet new nethereumfaucet -n BankConsortiumFaucet

Where -n BankConsortiumFaucet is the NameSpace of your project.

Manual clone, installation

All the source files can be found on the Content folder.

Configuration settings:


Please modify the appsettings file to provide the Ethereum address, Explorer for transactions, private key and the maximum amount to fund.

"EthereumAddress": "http://ETHEREUM-ADDRESS:8545",
 "FunderPrivateKey": "PRIVATE KEY",
 "MaxAmountToFund": 100,
 "AmountToFund": 10,
 "UrlTxnExplorer": "http://BLOCKEXPLORER-ADDRESS/tx/"