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Nethereum Light Blockchain Explorer Explorer, Wallet using Blazor, ReactiveUI
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Nethereum Blazor

Nethereum Blazor is a .Net Wasm SPA light blockchain explorer and simple wallet.

You can try it here:

The aim of this application is to provide another wallet / client reference for the final goal of providing a reusable common mvvm front end framework and libraries targetting all Dekstops (WinForms, Xamarin.Forms, Avalonia for Windows, Mac, Linux), Mobile (Android and iOS using Xamarin.Forms), Browser SPA (Blazor in this example, but there is also Uno) and gaming / vr engines (Unity3d).

Nethereum Blazor

More info:

Blazor + ReactiveUI

One of the main goals is to eventually have full support of ReactiveUI as the common framework for all the Nethereum FrontEnd example and future solutions. Avalonia Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac):, WindowsForms Xamarin.Forms Mobile and Desktop wallets:

ReactiveUI is not fully supported in Blazor, and the hope of this project is to provide an experimental context to enable all ReactiveUI features in Blazor.

What works (Out of the box)

  • MessageBus
  • Binding
  • Subscriptions
  • Observable timers if using Subscribe with "async"

What does not work yet (Probably needs a Scheduler)

  • ReactiveCommands
  • Command validation / enable
  • Observable using FromAsync / wait
  • ...
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