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Ethereum and Starknet researchers and builders developing the Nethermind Ethereum client, Juno, Voyager, and Sedge.


  1. nethermind nethermind Public

    A robust execution client for Ethereum node operators.

    C# 1.2k 393

  2. juno juno Public

    Starknet client implementation.

    Go 367 153

  3. Forta-Agents Forta-Agents Public

    TypeScript 103 67

  4. sedge sedge Public

    A one-click setup tool for PoS network/chain validators and nodes.

    Go 142 37

  5. starknet.go starknet.go Public

    Golang Library for StarkNet/Cairo

    Go 142 89

  6. Paprika Paprika Public

    An experimental storage for Nethermind, removing the whole Trie abstraction and acting as a Trie and a database at once

    C# 87 11


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