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This will allow us to orchestrate any database operation related to
a new block height in a single TX. So that it is trivial to revert
an update attempt when we encounter a problem.

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Juno Logo


Juno is a golang StarkNet node implementation by Nethermind with the aim of decentralising StarkNet.

⚙️ Installation

Golang 1.18 or higher is required to build and run the project. You can find the installer on the official Golang download page.

make juno

🛣 Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Flat DB implementation of trie
  • Go implementation of crypto primitives
    • Pedersen hash
    • StarkNet_Keccak
    • Felt
  • Feeder gateway synchronisation (in progress)
    • State Update
    • Blocks
    • Transactions
    • Class
  • Implement the following core data structures and their Hash calculations (in progress)
    • Blocks
    • Transactions and Transaction Receipts
    • Contracts and Classes
  • Storing blocks, transactions, and State updates in local DB (in progress)
  • Basic RPC (in progress)
    • getBlockWithTxHashes
    • getBlockWithTxs
    • getBlockTransactionCount
    • getTransactionByHash
    • getTransactionByBlockIdAndIndex

Phase 2

  • Integrate cairo rust-vm (discuss with lambda class, integrate starknet logic)
  • Verification
    • L1 verification
    • Execution of all transactions from feeder gateway
  • Full RPC (according to 0.11.0)
  • Start p2p discussions
  • Infura and Alchemy integrations

👍 Contribute

We welcome PRs from external contributors and would love to help you get up to speed. Let us know you're interested in the Discord server and we can discuss good first issues. There are also many other ways to contribute. Here are some ideas:

  • Run a node.
  • Add a GitHub Star to the project.
  • Tweet about Juno.
  • Add a Github issue if you find a bug, or you need or want a new feature.

🤝 Partnerships

To establish a partnership with the Juno team, or if you have any suggestion or special request, feel free to reach us via email.

⚠️ License

Copyright (c) 2022-present, with the following contributors.

Juno is open-source software licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.