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You can download the latest packages for all supported platforms from here.


  • download Windows package
  • unzip
  • open the folder
  • run Nethermind.Launcher.exe

Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 or above)

You have to replace [LINUX_PACKAGE_URL] and [LINUX_PACKAGE_FILENAME] with the actual values.

Ubuntu 19.04 has an unresolved compatibility issue!

Install dependencies

sudo apt update && sudo apt install libsnappy-dev libc6-dev libc6 unzip

Create a new user

sudo useradd -m -s /bin/bash nethermind

increase the maximum number of open files

sudo bash -c 'echo "nethermind soft nofile 1000000" > /etc/security/limits.d/nethermind.conf'
sudo bash -c 'echo "nethermind hard nofile 1000000" >> /etc/security/limits.d/nethermind.conf'

switch to the new user

sudo su - nethermind

Get Nethermind

download the package


For version 0.9.9


extract the files

unzip [LINUX_PACKAGE_FILENAME] -d nethermind

remove the no more need package (optional)


switch directory

cd nethermind

start the Nethermind launcher


to exit Nethermind press ctrl + c

Manage Nethermind with systemd (optional)

exit the session as user nethermind if still active


download the nethermind.service config


move the config into the systemd folder

sudo mv nethermind.service /etc/systemd/system/

reload the systemd configs

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

you can now start, stop, restart Nethermind with systemd

sudo service nethermind start

display the current Nethermind output (optional)

journalctl -u nethermind -f

enable autorun (optional)

sudo systemctl enable nethermind

MacOS (10.12+)

  • brew install gmp && brew install snappy && brew install lz4
  • download MacOS package
  • unzip
  • cd into the folder
  • ./Nethermind.Launcher
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