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Updated Aug 22, 2019

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Zero-allocation network stack

Updated Aug 24, 2019

No description


Updated Aug 29, 2019

Implement Istanbul upgrade and testing.

Ethereum and Nethermind Evangelism

Updated Jul 23, 2019

Teach, create introductory materials, support community.

Nethermind Core

Updated Sep 17, 2019

Core Etheruem 1.0 features, stability, and performance.


Updated Sep 5, 2019

Mak Nethermind undisputably the fastest Ethereum implementation.

Discovery v5

Updated Jul 23, 2019

Support new networking protocol features like discovery v5 and ENRs.


Updated Aug 16, 2019

Full integration of Nethermind with Hive and working on making Nethermind pass all Hive tests.


Updated Aug 8, 2019

Items related to CLI, jint, CLI modules for various applications. Build a powerful CLI that allows interacting with the most common dAPPs/

Data Marketplace (NDM)

Updated Aug 13, 2019

Data Marketplace is a RLPx subprotocol that can be integrated with nethermind to provide data streams and API monetization capabilities.

Improve DevOps

Updated Aug 19, 2019

Bring all the operations to the top class level. Fill the gaps, automate, improve the dev time to contribute, improve OS contributors experience.

Eth 2.0

Updated Jul 23, 2019

Implementation of Ethereum 2.0 specification.

Support Eth 1.x

Updated Jul 23, 2019

Eth 1.x (state /storage rent) research and implementation.

BlockScout integration

Updated Aug 9, 2019

JSON RPC and performance improvements required for smooth BlockScout integration / block indexing.

POA / AuRa implementation

Updated Jul 23, 2019

Implementation of AuRa and POSDAO consensus.

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