Like the name implies - this is a script to Combine Logs on
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TF2 Log Combiner

Like the name implies - this is a script to Combine Logs on

It is a command line application and it will (unlike other Log Combiners) try to minimize the log a bit. Meaning you can fit more maps into a log. (Or at least that's the aim)


If there are any errors shown feel free to send them to me, so I can fix them. I made this on windows, but should also work on Linux.


  • Download this as zip and extract it to the folder where you want it to be
  • Get Python (3.X)
  • Execute the file with python (in the console with the folder where resides as working directory - to simplify this just create a run.bat in the directory with the same content)
  • Check if you get a module error (like: ImportError: No module named '<module name>') if so then open a console (On Windows Win + R and type cmd and press enter) and type python -m pip install <module name>
  • Enjoy




  • Settings!
    • You can now enter your API Key at the first start and don't need to enter it again
    • The script can now try to automatically get the map names from the supplied logs
    • The script can now check for updates
    • The script can now add the links to the logs used to create the combined log in the chat


  • Possible error with the read options when reading the downloaded logs - this happened because of different python versions
  • Added some newlines for PEP 8



  • The structure of 6s logs seem to differ compared to HL logs, meaning I added an additional check to my important part extractor



  • It would not combine logs which were combined before by this program
  • The API doesn't seem to enforce 5MB, meaning now the program allows you to upload logs > 5MB should you want to.



  • Improved Experimental mode (Now removes useless trigger events | FYI The experimental mode works the same as the normal one but might fuck up names)



  • Ignore unexpected newlines


  • Released

Planned features

  • Maybe a GUI and saving some Settings