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Convert network filtering rules from various formats into BPF programs
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Libkefir – All your rules in one bottle.


Libkefir is a C library designed to turn sets of simple network filtering rules into BPF programs, and to load and attach them to the Linux kernel.

A filtering rule is a rule with a pattern to match, and an action to perform (pass or drop the packet) for packets. For example, “drop IPv4 packets with destination address”. Rules can have several patterns (in which case all of them must match), and patterns can use masks.

Filtering rules can be provided in a variety of ways. They can be a fully constructed rule object passed to the library, or they can be created from the syntax used by other Linux filtering mechanisms – such as TC flower or ethtool hardware filters. Once a filter containing a set of rules has been created, it can be converted into a BPF program.

Conversion to BPF is not straightforward. Instead, the library first creates a C program, which is in turn compiled with clang/llc. Helpers are provided to load and attach this program to a kernel hook such as XDP. Alternatively, users can dump the C program and modify it according to their needs.

Filters can also be saved as JSON files for later utilisation.


Documentation for the library's concepts and usage is available on Read the Docs (source).


  • A recent Linux kernel (v4.18 should work fine).

  • Clang and llc must be installed on the system (v6.0) where filters are converted to BPF programs.

  • Libbpf is required. It is set as a submodule of the current repository, which makes things easy to build libkefir. Note that building programs with libkefir also requires linking against libbpf.

Build the library

Get the code:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules

Build the library (libkefir.a,, and a file for pkg-config).

$ cd libkefir
$ make

This will create and populate the build/ directory.

Optionally, install the library and the header file:

# make install install_headers


The greatest part of this software is licensed under the terms of the 2-Clause BSD License.


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