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Itty is an interpreter and virtual environment for the BIT programming language. The main advantage of BIT is its unprecedented level of control over the representation of data in memory, and Itty augments this by virtualising the BIT memory system. Your program sees complex, fine-grained bit-level storage, and is seamlessly shielded from the easy-to-understand abstract data structures managed behind the scenes by the interpreter. This allows the effortless bitwise operation (NAND) that BIT is famous for while addressing the practical concerns of program speed and memory efficiency which might otherwise be too good to allow the sale of optimised updates for BIT programs.


g++ itty.cpp -o itty -std=c++17


./itty [--strict] PROGRAM

Standards Compliance

Itty strives to allow well-tested legacy BIT applications to continue powering real-world solutions until the end of time. However, this often creates difficulty in fully adhering to the language specification. According to the BIT specification, "the value of the jump register may not be assigned to a variable using the EQUALS operator". However, the existing programs "Bit Addition" and "Repeat Arbitrary Number of Ones" use this invalid construct. For this reason, by default, Itty allows this but will display a warning at parse time. If full compliance with the BIT specification is required, Itty can be invoked with the --strict parameter, which will cause this construct to create an error.